Quanna Oy

Quanna Oy

Leading Global Quality Management

Quanna Oy, incorporation founded in 2018, is a Finland based company. Quanna Oy focuses on E2E product and process quality management and quality assurance globally through our long experience in the industry. We specialize also in Sustainability programs, variety of ISO certifications and Extended Producers Responsibility topics especially within Europe.

Quality Assurance

We believe quality is never an accident, but a result of smart effective execution when quality is inbuilt to the product development throughout its lifecycle.

Quanna Oy helps to establish robust but lean and agile E2E Quality Assurance program for IT sector projects including components and devices (chips, routers, sensors, gateways, phones etc.) in order to enable best possible user experience on the devices, resulting in satisfied customers with low returns.

As a responsible company, we offer services for sustainability services alongside with the quality services.