Quanna webpages renewed and new services available:

Apr 08, 2024

Quanna webpages were renewed and new services launched the same time. All previous services are still available, but new services especially around sustainability and ISO certifications are now available.

Quanna partners up with Global Validity:

Jun 10, 2020

Global Validity:

Developers of a revolutionary cloud-based platform that transforms the Global Regulatory Certification experience in over 180 countries by connecting device manufacturers to an exclusive marketplace of highly qualified certification suppliers that bid for projects. Our innovative technology easily manages the entire process including country requirements, quoting, project management and certificate tracking. No upfront cost or user fees. Project management services available.

Quanna in LinkedIn:

May 25, 2020

Quanna page available now in LinkedIn too:

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Quanna partners up with Testilabs:

May 20, 2020

Quanna partners up with Testilabs to further expand testing services offering. 

Testilabs is an expert on radio testing, CE/FCC/ISED certification and Country Approvals for more than 200 countries. We are ex-Nokia test experts operating ex-Nokia/Microsoft state of art test labs. Over the years we have gained solid expertise in testing mobile phones, tablets, routers, wearables and IoT devices.

In addition we provide unique Image Testing & Tuning and Field Testing services. Testilabs Field Test Service can test your product performs as it should all over the world. We have local people doing testing in US, Canada, China, India, UK, Spain, Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Finland (for Nordic countries and EU). 

Quanna partners up with Vadion:

May 16, 2020

Quanna partners up with Vadion to further expand SW development and testing services offering. 

Vadion provides end-to-end software design, development and testing services – from concept to successful products.  

Quanna partners up with Methics:

May 7, 2020

Quanna partners up with Methics to further expand services offering. 

Methics provides software products for mobile signature services to operators and application providers. Methics offers carrier grade products to answer the needs in the area of end user authentication – now and in the future.  

Quanna Oy and Niemela Consulting LLC are joining forces:

Sep 1, 2019

Quanna Oy and Niemela Consulting LLC are joining forces! Our customers get now best of both worlds when teams are jointly working to serve a great experience and comprehensive quality programs.